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Avoiding a Compliance Faux Pas

Taking Good Care of Protected Groups

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Welcome to our concise and informative workshop, designed to demystify the world of protected groups and ensure your Human Resources practices are not only compliant but foster a culture of inclusion and fairness. Key Workshop Topics: Understanding Protected Groups: Dive into the legal framework to identify and comprehend protected groups. Explore the characteristics that fall under protection, ensuring clarity for effective HR decision-making. Navigating Anti-Discrimination Laws: Gain insights into crucial anti-discrimination laws and regulations. Learn how to recognize and prevent potential pitfalls in recruitment, hiring, and workplace policies. Creating Inclusive Work Environments: Explore strategies to promote diversity and inclusion. Understand the importance of fostering an inclusive culture that goes beyond compliance. Harassment Prevention: Learn about the various forms of harassment and how to prevent them. Equip yourself with tools to address and resolve harassment issues promptly and effectively. Inclusive Hiring Practices: Uncover best practices for inclusive recruitment and hiring processes. Ensure a fair and unbiased approach in attracting and selecting top talent. Interactive Case Studies: Engage in real-world case studies to apply your newfound knowledge. Discuss solutions and best practices in a collaborative learning environment. Staying Current with Compliance: Receive tips on how to stay updated on evolving employment laws. Understand the importance of ongoing education and compliance training for HR professionals. Who Should Attend: HR Professionals Managers and Supervisors Small Business Owners Anyone involved in personnel decision-making When: [Insert Date & Time] Where: Virtual - Accessible from Any Location Benefits of Attending: Ensure your HR practices align with legal requirements. Foster a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusivity. Equip yourself with tools to confidently handle compliance challenges. 🚀 Space is limited! Register now to secure your spot in this essential workshop on HR compliance and the protection of your workforce! 🚀 Brought to you in partnership with the Gulf Coast Human Resources Association, a SHRM-affiliate.

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