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Sound Bath for Relaxation

Drift into tranquility with our crystal bowl sound bath

  • 35 US dollars
  • Howard Avenue

Service Description

Sound baths are relaxing, immersive experiences where participants listen to soothing music, healing vibrations, and/or nature sounds. They’re often used to reduce stress, but sound baths can be used for many purposes, including sleep induction, relaxation, creativity enhancement, and spiritual development. They are relaxing, stress relieving, and powerful healing experiences. They’re great for beginners because they’re accessible, affordable, and easy to participate in. Sound baths are particularly effective for meditation because they create a calming environment where you can tune out distractions and focus on feeling peace, relaxation, and tranquility. How does a sound bath work? The sound waves help relax muscles, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep quality. When you listen to soothing sounds, you enter a state of relaxation called alpha brain wave activity. Alpha waves are associated with deep concentration and creativity. This makes them ideal for creative endeavors, including writing and painting. Beta waves are minimized during this state, which means you become less aware of external stimuli. You may feel relaxed, focused, and even sleepy. Wellness experts describe it as a meditative experience where you’re surrounded by soothing sounds and you feel safe and relaxed. Most people feel refreshed after a sound healing session as their worries are released, their emotions are regulated and their mind feels calm. Sound Baths are typically done in a quiet room, with dim lighting and no distractions, sort of the same as you would experience in our yoga session. We have live instrumentation and you may choose to sit or lie down during the experience—just make sure you are comfortable to relax and receive the healing vibrations. Guided imagery, deep breathing, visualization, and focusing on positive thoughts are some of the techniques that may be incorporated during these sessions. Some people find it helpful to close their eyes, while others like to keep them open so they can see what’s going on around them. $35 per person, suggested for ages 16 and above. It is not suggested for those who: find intense sounds stressful or overstimulating have migraines with noise triggers have hearing aids, as the sounds may be uncomfortable

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  • Gulf Coast Training & Education Services, LLC, Howard Avenue, Biloxi, MS, USA

    + 228-228-3117

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