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Setting the Standard for Customer Service

When we think of our customer service these days, I bet we’re measuring it by someone else’s standards! Let me ask you: Who sets the bar for amazing customer service with YOUR customers? Are you measuring your customer service standards by the best service provider in your industry? By the company with the highest sales? The most repeat business? Your competition? Where to do you look to set the standards for your company?

Let me share some “out of the box thinking” with you – don’t look to other providers: instead, look to your customers to set the bar for excellence in customer service!

That’s right! Stop looking at your competitors and do something different and innovative! Talk to your customers and let the measurement of THEIR expectations guide the level of service you provide. Set your bar by the BEST service providers, PERIOD – not simply the best in your industry!

One way to do this is simply to talk to people and ask them about the BEST customer service experience they’ve ever had…and what was so awesome about it? Make your company’s strategy uniquely your own by NOT following the industry standards, but instead, do it by setting your company’s standard based on the very best of the best in customer service – regardless of the industry! What service does the best provider offer that you don’t offer, but can offer? What do they do that you don’t do, but can do? Once you start to look at your business through the lens of your customers’ expectations and not by the same old, tired industry standards, you can develop a new and refreshed customer service philosophy that can breathe new life into your business. By meeting – and even exceeding - your customers’ expectations, this gives you an opportunity to build relationships – and a great reputation – so it gives you room to provide goods and/or services that are above your industry standard - just by making a few little adjustments in the way you do business!

Let your customers’ expectations – not your competitors – set the bar for the exceptional customer service you provide…and watch your business grow!

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